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After Tinder scam: 'Tinder scammer' is now making money with another app |  celebrities

After Tinder scam: ‘Tinder scammer’ is now making money with another app | celebrities

Simon Leviev, real name Shimon Hayut, better known as “The Tinder Swindler” on Netflix, is now using video platform Cameo to make fans pay for personalized shoutouts. In a video announcing his joining the platform, he said: “Hi everyone, I am so excited to be here on Cameo. I’m Simon Leviev. If you want to wish someone a happy birthday or something through me, just let me know. I wish you Great day. Stay strong.”

Fans can purchase a personal Leviev video for $200, while companies have to pay $200 for a personalized video message. According to TMZ, Leviev made “$30,000 in his first three days”.

His presence on Cameo caused mixed reactions. One happy Cameo user wrote, “Can’t believe I got a Cameo from Simon. One of the best fancy gifts in the world!” It sounds less positive on Twitter. So a surfer addresses Cameo and asks how a scammer can get a platform again: “Why is this scammer allowed on your platform? Get this guy out of here,” it seems. Other users also share his opinion: “Simon Leviev is asking for $200 for personal video messages. It is unprecedented that Cameo allows convicted criminals on the platform to make more profit from their criminal activities.”

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In a statement issued by Cameo, shared in The Independent, a company spokesperson said: “Cameo strives to be a marketplace everywhere. We believe that our customers should control the communications they choose through our Service, and we do not monitor the beliefs or opinions of talented and fans who use our Service. Cameo.”

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