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The farmers will soon reveal their identity: the new season "Boer zkt Vrouw" begins on Sunday, March 6 |  television

The farmers will soon reveal their identity: the new season “Boer zkt Vrouw” begins on Sunday, March 6 | television

televisionWho are the Four Peasants and the Peasant Wife from the 14th season of “Boer zkt Vrouw”? Right now, Flanders was not yet able to see their faces. Even singles who have signed up for the love of their life don’t know what (or who) awaits them. Their identities will finally be revealed on Sunday, March 6th, when the new series will begin on VTM.

In the first and second episodes, candidates are rewarded for their patience. They scored based on a few obscure photos, a short audio clip and a comprehensive picture of the life of a farmer or farmer’s wife. Now they can see them for the first time. Does he or she look like they imagined? Both candidates and farmers are nervous at the start of this new romantic adventure. The identities of William and Elaine are revealed in Episode 1. Gary, Cyril, and Kim are next in line in Episode Two.

These are the farmer’s wife and farmers seize their chance:

Elaine. © VTM

Elaine (from Lommel), 26 and full of courage, she runs a dairy farm with her father. She is the third generation on the farm. Farm life is her great passion and she especially enjoys working with her father. On the farm, Elaine is somewhat of a business person, but this young woman is very social and has many friends with whom she likes to go out in the evening. It is then important to look good, and this includes makeup and jewelry.


William. © VTM

William (from Westerlo), 25, loves horses and … bulls. He is very similar to a cowboy but at the same time he is very straight and lives on the farm with his father. Most of all, according to his colleague and close friend Maxine, William needs someone who truly understands and supports his own lifestyle. Besides taking care of horses and bulls, rodeos are his passion and he occasionally appears as a model. So women will not get bored quickly on the farm.


Kim. © VTM

potato farms Kim (from Jingelum) He is 30 years old, has a Southern appearance and runs the farm with his father. The split between him and his father is going smoothly, even though it takes a lot of work for two men. Kim has been single for a few years now after the relationship broke up. He is an open book, talks a lot and is fluent, has ambition and is really looking for a serious relationship. After several unsuccessful attempts, he hopes to get to know someone through the program who can convince him to believe in love again, because now the right person can come.

my neighbour.

my neighbour. © VTM

my neighbour (from Heist-op-den-Berg) He is 45 years old, a goat farmer and always in a good mood. His relationship with his wife of 30 years recently ended, but he is fully prepared for a new chapter in his life. Gary is a really lively person: he loves to travel, loves nothing more than a good meal, often meets friends. Only: It’s best to share this with someone besides him.


Cyril. © VTM

And finally there’s Cyriel (29), a dairy farmer from Vleteren. Together with his parents, he runs a farm with about 450 cows, 250 of which are milking. Cyriel is not necessarily looking for a woman who will be actively involved in the farm, but it is really important to understand that animals and crops always come first. He is a friendly, cheerful young man with beautiful blue eyes and a very mischievous smile. He’s been single for a while and basically looking for someone open minded He loves discovering new things.

“Boyer is looking for a woman”: as of Sunday, March 6 at 19.55 on VTM

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