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Air Malta has stopped flying

Air Malta has stopped flying

Last weekend, Air Malta operated its last flights. The airline was replaced by a new national airline.

On the night of 30 to 31 March, with the start of the summer schedule and the airline's 50th anniversary, Air Malta passed the baton to the airline. New one Airlines: KM Malta Airlines. The airline's last suspended flight took off from Heathrow at 8:30pm on Saturday and landed at Malta Airport at around 12:30pm on Sunday. Air Malta thanked its employees in a final message: “We sincerely thank our dedicated employees for their continued commitment and hard work throughout our 50-year history.”

KM Malta's route network was already established last year. The company continues its flights to seventeen important destinations, including Amsterdam. Furthermore, the company took over Air Malta's entire fleet, despite the European Commission's decision Fleet reduction He begged. Eventually, the airline's two A320s will make way for additional A320neos.


in the sky Previous reports stated that the Maltese government wants to liquidate Air Malta due to financial problems. This decision was taken after the European Commission did not approve state aid of €290 million for the airline. According to Brussels, Air Malta has already received a lot of financial support over the past ten years. The current plan is very similar to winding down Alitalia. This company was closed down by the Italian government and later replaced by ITA Airways. The new airline can then start without debt or state support and aim to deliver better performance at lower costs.

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