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Competition for Sun Wah.  Dutch Asian supermarket Amazing Oriental will open in Stadsfeestzaal in November

Competition for Sun Wah. Dutch Asian supermarket Amazing Oriental will open in Stadsfeestzaal in November

Dutch Asian supermarket chain Amazing Oriëntal will open a branch in Stadsfeestzaal between Meir and Hopland in November. It is the chain’s first supermarket in Belgium.

Anyone entering the Stadsfeestzaal from Hopland cannot miss it. A huge piece of metal in the shop window announces the arrival of the Amazing Oriental. The company will open a supermarket here on November 8 featuring a wide range of Asian products. The store will have an area of ​​more than 1,000 square meters with a product range of approximately 10,000 products.

“Antwerp is the logical choice as the first Belgian location. It is a city with a great food culture, where Asian cuisine is also growing in popularity. We deliberately chose a location in the shopping heart of the city. At the end of the day, we are not targeting customers,” says Amazing Oriental marketing director Lisa Boon. “Not only Asians, but Westerners in particular.”

Products are imported from Thailand, Hong Kong, China, Korea, Singapore, Vietnam, Japan, etc. But foods and dishes from countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia and Suriname are also served, which are especially popular in the Netherlands.

“Different from Sun Wah”

With the opening of a branch in Antwerp, Amazing Oriëntal has to compete with established names such as Sun Wah and Kam Yuen supermarkets on Van Wesenbekestraat. But that doesn’t deter Lisa Boone.

“Sun Wah’s design is more traditional than ours, and it is located in Antwerp’s Chinatown, while we open our supermarket near Meir. As a result, we expect to attract a different audience than other Asian supermarkets. We are targeting the affluent middle class,” explains Lisa Poon.

Amazing Oriental started in 1986 in Amsterdam with a supermarket. Meanwhile, the company has grown to become the largest Asian supermarket chain in the Netherlands with 24 stores in our northern neighbours.

Bristol is also on the way

The Amazing Oriental is an asset to the Stadsfeestzaal. “All the spaces on the ground floor have been rented, and a branch of the Bristol shoe store will soon be located underground, where Action is already located. Add to this the arrival of Amazing Orïental and we are right on schedule,” says Stadsfeestzaal director Hans D’Hondt.

Photo: Jan van der Pere

Soon there will also be a new coffee corner in the large hall of the Stadsfeestzaal. “This fits perfectly with the strategy we have been following for several years, where the focus is on experience. The arrival of Amazing Oriental also fits into this. In addition to being a supermarket, it is also a place where people can discover things,” says Hans Dehundt.