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Union mist kans na kans tegen KV Oostende, maar sleept in het slot toch een gelijkspel uit de brand dankzij Deniz Undav

Al Ittihad misses chance after chance against KV Oostende, but still manages to pull a tie thanks to Deniz Undav

It’s great to ignore: Al Ittihad are having a hard time winning at home. Also against KV Oostende (1-1), after the second half dominance. Unnecessary and stressful loss of points.

‘There’s no better place than at home’, that’s the staging calendar, and while Union has a massive following and a glamorous stadium, that’s not true for the league leader these days. The last union victory for its fans already dates back to January, when it was right in Dudenpark Anderlecht. “It’s time to spoil our fans again,” Phyllis Matsu told KV Oostende. In other words: it’s time to win again in Forest, after beating STVV (0-1) and Eupen (0-0).

There was no shortage of goodwill, no enthusiasm in the stands, but it was still KV Oostende who took the lead. How: Max Darbino pushed the ball into the box with a long, narrow shot. A frustrating moment for Anthony Morris. He had no business for the entire first half and got beaten up anyway. KVO goalkeeper Scherpen didn’t have much to do on the other side. The union did not create opportunities.

Is it true or not, that will come out later, but it is whispered that Yves Vanderhaeghe will not be allowed to stay with KVO at the end of this season. If so, Vanderhaeghe could pat him on the back. He soon acquired a team not overflowing with talent in safe waters. Was she always glamorous? number. But the pool of players by the sea simply does not have the class that can be admired elsewhere in 1A. We’re just saying one thing: there is no orphanage in Ostend.

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Photo: BELGA

The Japanese have Matsu: the perfect can opener. No wonder, then, that the winger was allowed into the first half to force something. Federation has been given a little space, Mitoma brings depth and has movement, he can turn the match up with acceleration or dribbling. This seemed to work very soon: Mitoma made 1-1, but the assistant referee saw offside beforehand.

Even without an equalizer, Mitoma Union introduced a new dynamic. There was more activity and intensity than before the break, when everything was so slow. The Federation also claimed a penalty: Albanese gave the all-new Red Devil Van der Heyden a boost, and referee D’Hondt saw no violation. You’ll have referees and video judges judging a stage differently: KVO got away well.

Al Ittihad misses chance after chance against KV Oostende, but still manages to pull a tie thanks to Deniz Undav

Photo: BELGA

We can also use these words in an attempt by Teuma. The speaker almost declared 1-1, and the entire field was celebrating, but the ball stumbled improbably in front of the goal line, as Medley managed to clear it. Not later, Undav missed twice. Union was already worth a draw by then.

Ostend barely crossed the midfield, until Gueye Water came to defend. She would sink or swim, with more luck than skill: it was often “just not” for Union. Not least with Undav, until the 82nd minute: header softly in a cross from substitute Francois. Striking: It was only Undav’s fifth goal at home, which was not the case because he rarely scores (25 goals already).

Although 1-1, we can gradually talk about a kind of home complex in Union. At offset she has 41 points out of 48, compared to 30 at home. Al-Ittihad has not yet confirmed its first place after the regular season due to the lottery. But if you can maintain a level for those past 45 minutes, you’ll be fine.

Al Ittihad misses chance after chance against KV Oostende, but still manages to pull a tie thanks to Deniz Undav

Photo: Isosport