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Alfred Schroeder represents the baptism of fire in Club Brugge (and points to Buchanan's starting point): "Against the Union doesn't mean much to me now"

Alfred Schroeder represents the baptism of fire in Club Brugge (and points to Buchanan’s starting point): “Against the Union doesn’t mean much to me now”


Club Brugge begins a new chapter on Saturday with Alfred Schroeder as head coach. He held his first press conference on Friday, which led to a barrage of topics. Disappointment after the Golden Boot, the seven points behind Union and Buchanan’s potential base position: Schroeder was immediately allowed to perfect. “Hide fewer goals, and then we’ll catch up.”

Junior Verbeke

The hall at Belfius Basecamp was full again on Friday: we often knew otherwise. So the first press conference of Alfred Schroeder on the local soil was mentioned. On Saturday he will play his first official match as head coach against Saint-Troyd, although the Canary Islands have never been discussed. “I am looking forward to my first match. Not because it has been a year and a half since I have been coach of Hoffenheim, but because I am the coach of Club Brugge,” said Schroeder. Nobody is positive and nobody is in quarantine.

The journalists present wanted to know if the disappointment after the Golden Boot had really absorbed. “We discussed it briefly separately,” Schroeder says. “We’ll see tomorrow if the boys handle that disappointment well. Let them show it on the field. Look: in life I’ve always failed. It’s about how you deal with it. Charles and Noah will respond with a performance, or at least that’s what I expect. It’s fight or let you know. We You need that mentality.”


Buchanan in de foundation?

Club Brugge are seven points behind leaders Union and should therefore limit damage to Champions League matches as much as possible. “But honestly: this buildup doesn’t mean much to me now,” Schroeder shrugged. “The situation is the way it is, there is not much we can do about it. This is especially important, how are we going to deal with the situation on the field. First of all, we have to concede fewer goals. If we can do that,” says Schroeder. We’ll catch him.” “Of course there are still playoffs. Usually I don’t think this is a fair system, but this is a personal view. But this time they could be on our side.”

Striking: Schroeder has already revealed that newcomer Tajon Buchanan has a good chance of starting against STVV at the base. Much is expected of the Canadian, and his coach agrees that the winger has already given his business card. “He made a very good impression at the training camp in Marbella,” Schroeder nodded. “It was the first time I saw him live. I think he is a very good player.” Is it the reinforcement that Club Brugge needs? “Tajon will be a boost to any big club.”


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