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Alina Churikova from De Mol: Finally Belgians

Alina Churikova from De Mol: Finally Belgians

Alina Churikovav, last year participated in the moleHe obtained Belgian citizenship after 21 years and two days. You write that on Instagram.

22 years ago, Alina, who participated last year the mole And he took the role of the saboteur in itBorn in Kazakhstan. A few months after her birth, her family moved to Germany before arriving in Belgium. They applied for asylum here on April 20, 2000. Now she and her mother have officially obtained Belgian citizenship.

21 years and two days. This is the time it took. We are finally Belgians, the proudest ”, Alina wrote on Instagram. She writes words of praise for her mother. “Dear Mama, you are dressed my beautiful lady. This is your balance. I am so proud every time I can say mommy. Being Belgian suits you well…”

Additionally, the new Belgian addresses her “friends, family, and sweetheart.” “Thank you for showing us what ‘unconditional’ means. We love to see you. Let this be a poem for all the people who are fleeing, migrating, migrating, paperless, homeless,…Anyone who loses hope: Mom and I provide it for you.

Alina had the smallest mole ever last year. She said on the program that she and her mother have been living illegally in Belgium for the past sixteen years. In the meantime, they already had a Belgian passport.

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