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Still reconciliation?  Harry and William will have a private conversation after the Diana memorial |  Harry and Megan

Still reconciliation? Harry and William will have a private conversation after the Diana memorial | Harry and Megan

PropertyIs there reconciliation on the horizon? Princes Harry (36) and William (39) will have a private chat after their mother Diana’s memorial service on July 1. This would be the first time they had spoken so openly in private since the Megxit Conference.

Tomorrow, William and Harry will unveil a statue of their mother in the Sunken Gardens of Kensington Palace, on her 60th birthday. Both sons worked long and hard to make the Diana memorial a beautiful tribute. So it makes sense that they bury the hatchet briefly to show the world the picture. Even if they give separate speeches, instead of addressing people together. Something they surely would have done in the past.

Princess Diana

So they will keep their distance during the ceremony, but something will be on the way after the event, according to sources inside the palace. It appears that “William and Harry have scheduled a private meeting.” This may be an attempt at convergence. Harry has arrived Earlier this week He actually handed it to his brother by mentioning it in his speech at the Diana Awards, a series of awards for ambitious youth. “My brother and I are celebrating our mother’s 60th birthday this week,” he said. It was remarkable that he first spoke of William and himself as a group. In previous interviews, he referred to Diana as “Mom”. According to insiders William had a hard time with thatAnd he felt the need to remind people that he, too, misses his mother a lot. So the change in Harry’s narrative could be an olive branch.

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Will Prince William and Harry reconcile soon?

Kings expert Robert Lacey, however, has his doubts about the situation, he says in the Daily Mail. The rift between the two brothers will undoubtedly draw attention during Thursday’s celebration. All eyes will be on her, not Diana. Both brothers will undoubtedly regret it. But as much as they want to fix things, there are still too many tensions between them to forgive and forget everything. The conversation might be a good start, but they have a much longer way to go than that.” Meghan, who is waiting for her husband at home in Los Angeles, has been a big part of the controversy, he says. She has no desire to return to the UK or reconcile with the royal family. She loved being there and now has what she’s always wanted: fame and a beautiful home near Hollywood. Until Harry sees this and does something about it, nothing will change between him and his family. Meghan is putting it all under her thumb.”

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