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Alison Scott, Sean Dundt’s Wife, Dating …

Alison Scott, Sean Dundt’s Wife, Dating …

Alison Scott (31 years old) is back in our country. American wife Sean Dundt (37) stayed with the family in the United States after a fuss over the leak of nude photos and videos of her husband, she wrote on Instagram on Monday morning.

“I’m coming for you, Belgium. Really this time.” Scott wrote this on Instagram with the video she shot from the window of her departure plane. In mid-November, the American tattoo artist returned to her family in Los Angeles to recover from the hype surrounding the leaked nude photos and videos of her husband, Sean Dundt.

He was trapped by someone on social media as the pretty blonde Evelyn, the so-called catfish, after which the pictures took a life of her own on the internet. She saw that amount a month ago Cat without limits. “He really wants things to be okay between us,” she said at the time. But she also said she was offended, so there was no telling how things would turn out.

Whether it was a step in the right direction, only Scott and her husband know, but it is certain that the American boarded a plane bound for our country. The fact that she writes “for real this time” on Instagram – freely translated: She’s Back – sounds a hopeful sign.

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