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Hofphonic has a 1% chance of winning the Eurovision Song Contest …

Hofphonic has a 1% chance of winning the Eurovision Song Contest …

According to bets, hooverphonics is in the “wrong place” in the Eurovision Song Contest.

One month before the first semi-final date of the Eurovision Song Contest 2021. Alex Callier and his colleagues are already preparing to enter Rotterdam Ahoy with him. Wrong placeHowever, according to the bookmakers, the chances of the group reaching the podium are slim. After all, posts from Malta, France, and Switzerland are my big favorites.

Switzerland has been around for a while, just like France, but now Malta has been in the lead for more than a month in the last race of the Eurovision Song Contest. the number I break Maltese singer Destiny Choconier (18) is the favorite to win the competition next month, if you consult the bookmakers. If she succeeds, she will instantly receive two beautiful victories to her name. Five years ago she won the Junior Eurovision Song Contest when she was thirteen years old Not my soul.

She currently has a 17 percent chance of winning, according to bookmakers. This may not sound like much, but it is the highest of all participants. Attractive and dancer I break Whatever the case. So it looks a bit like toyThe song that Nita won in the competition three years ago. Both songs are about women who rebel against men who oppress and belittle them. Words like I am not your child On I’m not your game, stupid boy, Are very close to each other.

Hooverphonic has a 1% chance of winning the Eurovision Song Contest, and it looks like the winner is already known
According to betting, Destiny Chukunyere, the Maltese participant in the Eurovision Song Contest, currently has the best chance of winning the competition.

1 percent chance for Belgium

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After Malta, France and Switzerland are the interim favorites, each with a 13% chance of winning. They are both opposite I break. French inspired Barbara Buffy Here In Édith Piaf. Pace The whole universe From Swiss Gjon’s tears he may be a little louder, but he also chooses a wide and mournful voice.

The chances of entering a Belgian hoover phonic are, according to bookies, not very high, to say the least. Wrong place Currently in 20th place, with only a 1 percent chance of winning. This is eleven places higher than Jeangu Macrooy with The birth of a new era, Dutch entry. It tumbled lower and lower in recent months, until it fell outside the top 20 and ended up in thirty-first with a chance to win less than 1 percent.

The first semi-finals of the Eurovision Song Contest will take place on May 18th. The second round will be held on May 20, and the final match will be held on May 22. You can follow live with us on One.