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Alleged victim takes into account 'long-term emotional pain' after Borsato's counter-report

Alleged victim takes into account ‘long-term emotional pain’ after Borsato’s counter-report


The young woman, 22, who filed a complaint against Marco Borsato on Monday, is taking into account her “extremely long-lasting emotional pain” now that the singer has filed a counter-report with, among other things, defamation and slander.


“This is not what my client was hoping for,” the alleged victim’s lawyer told De Telegraaf newspaper on Saturday. “The step taken by Mr. Borsato means he cannot go back,” the lawyer said.

“(alleged victim, editor) was prepared for this, but also took into account the possibility that Mr. Borsato might take a different position. This path is now cut off. Of course, the client can now in turn file a complaint against Mr. Borsato for making false statements, slander and defamation. But we believe that it is Wisdom not to do it,” Plasman says.

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Additional supporting documents

From the moment a request was made on 9 December 2021 to the Public Prosecution Office to launch an exploratory investigation into the sources of unjust insinuations towards Mr. Marco Borsato, he has been working with his attorney to prepare this detailed statement. To provide a number of additional supporting documents, said Knoops’ Advocaten, the office that assists Borsato. In short: since Borsato was aware of the charges against him, he began preparing a file with his lawyer to prove his innocence.

Borsato also filed a complaint against the alleged victim’s mother, for “incitement and complicity in past acts”.

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The 22-year-old filed a complaint last week and stated that she had been sexually assaulted by Bursato since she was 15. The Public Prosecution Office is now investigating the case. Last week, Borsato announced through his lawyer that he had asked the Public Prosecution Office to investigate the origin of the allegations, which he strongly denies.

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