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Already Apple deals in Coolblue and Mediamarkt

Officially, the award circus begins on November 26, but today is already looking like Black Friday. Many large online stores already have Black Friday Apple deals, including Coolblue and Mediamarkt.

Apple Black Friday: Coolblue and Mediamarkt

You might not need to wait another week to buy a new iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, or MacBook. In many online shops, Black Friday starts early and you can already find it there Apple Black Friday deals.

iPhone 13 is now very affordable with unlimited 5G data!

At Coolblue and Mediamarkt the party will be from November 19-29. We have come across the following Apple offerings:

Black Friday at Coolblue

Several Apple products are already on sale at Coolblue:

From the list, we find the iPad Air 2020 and the MacBook Air to be particularly interesting. The iPad Air is available in the Apple Store for 668.60 euros, but it is much cheaper at Coolblue. For most people, MacBook Air 2020 is the best laptop you can buy right now. Available in the Apple Store for 1129 euros, but with Black Friday 2021 you’ll pay less than a thousand euros for it.

from iPhone SE 2020 It is also interesting to many people, but this show is not amazing. Last year around this time, the SE was priced more competitively. This may be a result of a worldwide chip shortage, which Apple is now also experiencing.

Black Friday in Mediamarket

At Mediamarkt, there are big discounts on the second generation AirPods and Apple Watch Series 3:

AirPods 2 cost much more in the Apple Store: you pay 149 euros for it. We don’t recommend the Apple Watch Series 3. The smartwatch is already quite old (since 2017) and we expect the Series 3 to get no more software updates soon. The Apple Watch SE (from 2020) is a better alternative.

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