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That's why Instagram will soon ask you to take a video selfie

That’s why Instagram will soon ask you to take a video selfie


Instagram actually tested the functionality last year, but it ran into technical problems at the time. In the past period, there have been a lot of messages from people saying that they are now dealing with this matter. They were all told the same thing: they had to verify their identity from the platform.

Take a video selfie for Instagram

A tweet from a user shows that the service wants to see your face from all angles. So you have to prove that you are a human and use the account as a human being. If you don’t, you will lose access to your account. Users are clearly not happy with this, according to the same tweets.

In another tweet, the company explains what’s going on. The platform requests verification the moment it records suspicious behavior. Then consider following completely different accounts all of a sudden or when someone likes a lot of your photos. The company confirms that it does not use facial recognition technology.

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Send a video selfie, then what?

Once you submit a video selfie, a team will consider the submitted materials. This is not an automated process. In addition, the videos are kept for thirty days and then deleted. With a bit of luck, the videos will not only be stolen by hackers.

The outrage of many users about this is somewhat justified. In the past, the company often requested personal data, which then ended up in the hands of malicious parties. In addition, the parent company Meta does not have a good reputation for privacy and images.