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Alternatives to Pokémon Go: You can play these games while walking or jogging |  Toys

Alternatives to Pokémon Go: You can play these games while walking or jogging | Toys

Pokémon Go is still widely played, but five years later you may have seen it. Don’t worry, because with these great location games you also have to go outside.

head entry

Pokémon Go maker Niantic is committed to expanding the success of its game to other brands. You can now play Harry Potter: Wizards Unite and there will be games from Transformers soonAnd the Bikmin and the settlers of Catan. However, the most interesting alternative to Pokémon Go right now is Niantic’s first game: Ingress.

Now rebranded to Ingress Prime, this is a file augmented reality game Set in a hidden world where two secret societies fight against each other, they do so by conquering strategic points in the world.

Ingress has a team spirit compared to Pokémon Go, where you have to work together to achieve a common goal: to win as many areas as possible for your team.

Zombies, run away!

If you love running in Pokémon Go and want to take the next step, Zombies, Run! good choice. With this game, your running sessions will suddenly become more exciting. You turn into someone who must go out during a zombie apocalypse to find food and other things for your base camp.

You play the game via voice, so you don’t have to constantly look at your phone while you’re running. You hear through your ears the task you have to do and the sounds of music. Once you are chased by zombies, you have to run faster. In this way, the game really motivates you to persevere.

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jurassic world alive

Dinosaurs in your area? The game makers were so busy asking if they could do it, that they didn’t even think about whether they should. In this augmented reality game, dinosaurs have conquered the earth. It is up to you to stop it. And what is the best way to fight the dinosaurs? with other dinosaurs.

In the world you collect DNA with which you make dinosaurs yourself. These can also be special hybrids. You can then use these monsters during battles. Whether in the same world or against other players.


Geocaching is a popular outdoor activity. The idea is that you choose a cache in the application. This is a container hidden somewhere outside. Sometimes you can see a specific location, but often you have to work even harder to eventually find the cache. By scanning the environment, or by solving a puzzle.

A cache usually consists of a small box with a piece of paper inside. On that piece of paper write your name and date. In the app, you then indicate that you have found the cache.

The amount of cache hidden in the world and the creativity with which it is created is impressive. They lead you to places you’ll probably never go.

adventure lab

The company behind Geocaching also has a second app: Adventure Lab. With this app, you don’t have to search for actual tiles, but do different types of tasks. These missions were created across the country. The idea is that you are sent from one place to another. At each site you have to answer a question and then you can move to the next place.

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You will always find the answer to the question around you. Sometimes on the same site, but sometimes on the road, too. So you have to pay attention, so that you look at the environment in a completely different way. In towns and villages you often get an explanation about the history of each location, while in nature you sometimes follow whole stories about mythical creatures.