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Google introduceert een waarschuwingsfunctie die je gaat bevalen!

Google introduces an alert feature that you will love!

The company is constantly working on new features. Google now comes with a warning function to better know where you are.

The tech giant recently took steps to better verify the results of its fact-finding. Because sometimes it is very difficult to find reliable sources of news. This is while the news is “hot” and many people are looking for it.

Google offers a warning function

The Google Test the feature now. The new feature can warn users. For example, when a search query may lead to unreliable results, this Reports Re-coding on their website. The functionality is designed to give search users more context for new or important information.

It is designed to give search users additional context about new or important information. “When someone does a search on Google, we try to show you the most relevant and reliable information that we can,” said Danny Sullivan, of Google Search. “But we’re getting a lot of completely new stuff.”

research results

So Google will issue a warning if the results cannot be fully verified. A box above the results tells users that “these results seem to change quickly”. He adds that “if this is a new topic, it can sometimes take a while for results to be added by reliable sources.”

In February, Google already talked about “this score” panels that display a description of the linked website. This will describe either how the site collects information or other information about when it was first indexed.

The “About this result” popups are hidden (yet?) behind a menu that people might not know how to click on. Not really useful. So the latest feature in the test warns users that the results may be the same Not Trustworthy. We hope they give users a break before spreading misinformation. When fully implemented, the new feature should contribute to the company’s efforts to educate users about the quality of results. This is a great goal!

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