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Altrea (Pelt) is building a unique $25 million position

Altrea (Pelt) is building a unique $25 million position

Altrea Logistics, Pelt's logistics service provider, will build a new logistics center for chemical goods in Merhout. It will immediately become the only site of this level in Belgium. CEO Roel Smets receives the support of LRM and two other partners for this €25 million investment.

The foundation for Altrea Logistics was laid in 1936 with Alders Transport. In 2008, Roel Smets acquired the family business and expanded it into a general logistics provider with three business units: Altrea International Transport Solutions, Altrea Bulk & Liquids and Altrea Distribution. Since the beginning of 2018, transshipment, warehousing and distribution have also become part of the core activities.

Thanks to a series of acquisitions, Altrea Logistics is now one of the top 5 logistics partners in Belgium. It is a position that Roel Smets wants to strengthen further by establishing a fourth business unit, Altrea Logistics Chemical Solutions or Alochem, with Chemical Hub Limburg as its first location.

This new logistics center will be built on a 50,000 square meter site, near the Albert Canal in Merhout. Alochem will be responsible for supporting chemical manufacturers, importers, traders, distributors and tank plants.

“With this new logistics center, we are adding additional value to the logistics chain, specifically targeting hazardous chemical liquids and high-quality dry materials,” says Smits. “In addition to goods warehousing and distribution (ADR) services, customers can now also rely on us for ordering services.” Additional functions such as refilling, cooling, heating, filling, mixing, adding liquids as per recipes, etc.

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The permit to build the new station has been received and work has already begun. “We want to be operational by October 2024. In the meantime, we have also started hiring an additional 35 people. In the long term, this investment will generate direct and indirect employment for 75 people.” The site will also be completely climate neutral.

Altrea Logistics will invest €25 million in this Alochem branch. It was able to invite existing shareholders LRM and VR4TR for financing and the Belgian Resilience Fund joined as a new partner.