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Amazing statement from Tedesco: “Only then will De Bruyne become surplus” - Football News

Amazing statement from Tedesco: “Only then will De Bruyne become surplus” – Football News

The general trend is known: Kevin De Bruyne must be at his best if we want to make a difference in the European Championship. But the national coach attached another condition to that. That was basically a message to his teammates.

It was already clear on Wednesday that there is a big difference whether De Bruyne is on the field or not. In the first half against Montenegro, KDB set the pace. Once he gets the ball, the fans hold their breath.

De Bruyne is the playmaker, the man who creates chances. For example, he provided two world-class crosses to Yannick Carrasco, but failed to convert them into assists. Put Romelu Lukaku in there and you could have put the ball in the back of the net.

Walking on people becomes extremely important

Big Rom often makes the right running move in the box and has knowledge of where the ball will come. However, Domenico Tedesco commented on this. He added: “De Bruyne is of course a world-class footballer, but he is not considered surplus unless his teammates are at the same level as well.”

This is not to detract from the talent of ‘King Kev’, but rather an observation that Pep Guardiola also made at Manchester City. De Bruyne must have enough people around him to be profitable. This was also the biggest frustration for our star player in Qatar.

The biggest frustration in Qatar

In Lukaku’s absence, everyone wanted the ball at their feet. The uproar he caused was justified. He had no one to send him accurate passes to. De Bruyne sees football in 4D: he also sees the space that will become available rather than the space that already exists.

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Then his biggest frustration is when his teammates do not understand him by withdrawing and not using the place where he can drop the ball. This is also the message Tedesco wants to convey to his teammates: they have to think and move on.

This is the only way we can make things difficult for the major countries.