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Verkaterin: "Company? They were the big problem at the RSCA"

Verkaterin: “Company? They were the big problem at the RSCA”

A few years ago, Frank Vercauteren worked with Vincent Kompany for a few months at RSC Anderlecht. This was a strange choice at the time because the visions were completely different. However, Vercauteren has a positive outlook towards Kompany, but not towards other people within Anderlecht.

There is no resentment towards Kompany

Vercauterine and Company are no longer in contact. They’re definitely not friends, but there are no hard feelings between the two. Vercauterine explains this Homo.

“I didn’t have the same connection with Vincent as I had with Domenico (Tedesco, ed.). We didn’t always share the same vision, but I knew that beforehand. The biggest problem was the others. Let’s just say it could have been solved differently,” he says.

Bayern Munich

By these others he means Wouter Vandenhout. After all, they were both well connected, but Vandenhout put Vercauteren on the street. The way it happened wasn’t exactly elegant, and it was certainly not an isolated case. After that, something was clearly broken between Vandenhout and Vercauteren.

Vercauteren, who planned to end his career at Anderlecht, also responded to Kompany’s move to Bayern Munich. Vercauteren added: “Bayern Munich is really something for him. Vincent is not Burnley, but Bayern, Manchester City, Chelsea and Barcelona. This is his natural home.”

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