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Amazon cancels 'Tiger King' series starring Nicolas Cage  TV

Amazon cancels ‘Tiger King’ series starring Nicolas Cage TV

TVAmazon had plans to release an eight-part series based on the popular Netflix series “Tiger King”, but is now supporting it. This was also confirmed by American actor Nicholas Cage, 57, who plays the main character Joe Exotic. HimselfAllowed to crawl.

The series in question was based on an article that appeared in the US magazine Texas Monthly in 2019 and tells the story of Joe Exotic (58). In the series, we usually learn more about his famous zoo and his relationship with Jeff Lowe and his archenemy Carol Baskin.

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The project was first announced in May 2020, at the height of the Netflix series ‘Tiger King’. After that, there was a suspicious calm around the series and it now appears that Amazon is no longer officially interested in marketing the story. This was confirmed by Nicholas Cage, who planned to play the main role in the eight-part series. “I read two different scripts and they were really excellent, but for Amazon the story is a thing of the past. It just doesn’t really matter anymore,” Cage said in an interview with Variety. For the actor it was his first time playing a role in a series TV show.

CBS Studios, the company that was going to produce the series, has no intention of giving up. It is likely that they will now try to sell their project to other interested parties. CBS Studios isn’t the only company with “episodic” plans about the face of “Tiger King” Joe Exotic. Universal Content Productions is also planning a similar project. Below are the main roles of Carol Baskin, Joe Exotic, Kate McKinnon and John Cameron Mitchell. The story itself is based on Wondery’s “Joe Exotic” podcast.

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