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Nicolas Cage no longer wants to make blockbusters: 'There was a lot of pressure' |  showbiz

Nicolas Cage no longer wants to make blockbusters: ‘There was a lot of pressure’ | showbiz

“I feel like I’ve gone my own wild and left the small town of Hollywood,” Nicholas Cage told Variety, similar to his new indie film Pig, in which he plays a well-known chef – Rob. Who left all the celebrities behind. “I’m not quite sure why Rob left stardom. It’s never explained, which is what I love about the movie. But for me, I don’t know if I want to go back. I don’t know if I want to make another Disney movie. That would be terrifying.” It’s a completely different atmosphere now. There is a lot of fear.”

Cage says that even during his heyday — with films like Ghost Rider, The Rock and Con Air — he was skeptical of the business interests that influenced the films. “When I made those Jerry Bruckheimer movies, it caused a lot of stress. There were also nice moments, but at the same time it went like this: ‘We wrote that sentence. That has to be said. They point the camera at you and give you commands, ‘Now you have to.’ To say that phrase about exercise wheels.” Then I replied, “I will, but I’d like to try it that way.” Independent films give you more freedom to experiment. There’s less pressure, but more air in the room.”

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