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Amazon Launches App Studio That Lets Users Create Ready-to-Use Apps Using AI – IT Pro – News

Amazon has released a generative AI service that can create apps based on a text prompt. The company says AWS App Studio can create multi-page apps and pull data from different sources, but it’s still primarily aimed at professionals.

AWS App Studio It has been available in public preview since Thursday. The software can create multi-page apps based on a text prompt, according to Amazon. The prompt also lets developers ask questions about how to customize and improve the app. The software is primarily aimed at creating business apps and not so much at consumer-oriented commercial apps. Amazon cites an app to automate order taking or inventory management as an example.

The software can retrieve data from various sources such as databases and specific AWS services like S3 and DynamoDB. It is also possible to arrange different forms of access and add authentication from third-party services. In general, there will be several API bindings in the software, which can be used for more than just authentication.

According to Amazon, App Studio is suitable for the development phase, but it is also possible to set up a test environment and then a production environment. According to Amazon, the program is primarily intended for teams specialized in technology. They can use the program as a tool, even if they do not employ programmers to write applications for them.

Currently, the public beta is only available in the US West region. However, users there can connect to data in other AWS regions.

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