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Fire danger in hundreds of thousands of Mercedes-Benz cars

Fire danger in hundreds of thousands of Mercedes-Benz cars

Mercedes-Benz has to recall hundreds of thousands of cars, including in our country. A technical problem with the GLE/GLS, C-Class, E-Class, S-Class, GLC, CLS and G-Class models may cause the coolant pump to leak and cause a fire.

These are diesel models that came off the production line from 2017, which were also sold in our country. Mercedes doesn’t want to say exactly how much. Worldwide this would be about 800,000 vehicles. The problem is a leak that can occur in the coolant pump. This may cause a fire.

Belgian spokesman for Mercedes-Benz Sebastian van den Mortel confirms the problem, but notes that the fire will only occur in the extreme case. It seems that “there is absolutely no reason to panic”.

Usually, in such a situation, the recall is organized on the spot. But not now. Van den Moortel tells us that the hardware and software necessary to perform the repair are not available at this time.


A customer letter that is currently being prepared and will be issued soon explains the reason for the recall and asks drivers to be patient for some time. They will also be warned to call their garage immediately if they see a coolant warning on their dashboard that could cause damage. The diagnosis can then be made in the workshop and, if necessary, the leak can be repaired pending a final resolution, says van den Mortel.

When all return parts are available, customers will receive a second letter inviting them to make an appointment at their garage for the repair.

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In the meantime, it is recommended to drive as little as possible.