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Ambiance in the cottage and Eric's sitter: This was 'De sl...

Ambiance in the cottage and Eric’s sitter: This was ‘De sl…

sometimes The smartest person in the world More like a colorful evening than a competition. That’s what Stephen Van Gucht thought tonight, when he appeared on the show. He has already received, uh, unique recognition from jury members Bart Kanerts and Rick Verhey. He could count himself lucky, because Eric Van Looy had toilet paper thrown over his head by the same members of the jury.

Desmytere Road

Tonight’s winner:

Steven Van Gucht had to say at the beginning of the episode that he didn’t know anything about many topics, but he was the 420s winner.


After searching in vain for keywords about Frida Kahlo, Gloria Monserez managed to swallow the word “stop” in time. As a result, she was once again the first to turn around and two key words about Parisian antiquities were enough to play Joachim Coens at home.

Monday’s new arrival:

Singer and presenter Laura Tesoro.

Best quotes:

Judge Bart Kanerts On Joachim Keynes: “You survived three episodes, isn’t that cool? I don’t think you’ll survive that many elections.”


Eric Van Lowe: “Have you ever fought an animal?”

Rick Ferhey: “I once fought a kangaroo. And he won. At the entrance of the Libby.”

Queens: “I was bitten by a donkey once.”

beavers: “And why did Water Peak do that?”

The most beautiful moment:

Jury members Bart Kanerts and Rick Ferhey let the football fan shine in their hearts and honor the nominees with supporting songs. In the case of Joachim Coens this became: Anyone who doesn’t jump, that’s a chef. Of course Eric Van Lowe didn’t spare either. Amateurs, amateurs, amateurs! Cannaerts and Verheye sang while throwing the poor quizmaster with toilet paper and Eric, you were drunk again last night lesson.

Not Erik Van Looy, but his presenter is leaving for VTM.

Another funny moment: Van Lowe who suddenly had to say strange things from his introduction. “It will be the next round without me, because I had a great offer from VTM.” Van Lowe looked confused for a moment, and then the presenter crawled out from under his desk and walked outside. We’ll probably see him on VTM soon.

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