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'Worst Instagram post ever': The model is under...

‘Worst Instagram post ever’: The model is under…

© Instagram Jane Rivera

An American model was forced to shut down her Instagram account after thousands of her followers criticized her for sharing a “tasteless” photo in her late father’s coffin.

GVSource: LadBible

Jayne Rivera is a Miami influencer who has successfully built an audience of 84,000 followers on Instagram thanks to her fashion and travel posts. She announced last week that her father, a veteran, had died. A series of photos of herself posing seductively next to her deceased father’s coffin followed. “Rip Babi was my best friend. The comment, ‘#Without a father’ (“#Without a father”) was also the rude hashtag ‘Life Lived Well’.

It has no taste, according to thousands of her followers. One of them wrote: “Your father was a veteran, and the picture next to his coffin is less than usual.” “Photoshoot at a funeral? Oh my God,” another. “This is just disgusting, frankly disgusting,” he also sounds. Someone concludes: “This is the worst post ever on Instagram.”

The criticism seems to hit Rivera hard, who has since closed her account.

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