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AMD Threadripper “5990X” overclocked to 4.8GHz: 100,000 points on Cinebench

AMD Threadripper “5990X” overclocked to 4.8GHz: 100,000 points on Cinebench

SkatterBencher got an undisclosed AMD Threadripper CPU and kicked it hard on the tail. Specifically, it concerns a 64-person architecture sample Zen 3, or the so-called 5990X. From the 5000 series, AMD has decided to focus entirely on the Pro WX line, which means that the aforementioned SKU will not be marketed.

This chip is codenamed 100-000000443-40_Y and is more compatible with existing TRX40 motherboards than its WX brethren. Combined with the Asus ROG Zenith II board and water cooling, the YouTuber managed to reach a clock speed of 4.82GHz. This pertains to one of eight CPU chips (eight cores), since this speed is not possible for all CCDs.

As a result, the chip achieved a score of at least 100,191 points on the Cinebench R23, an increase of 58% over the stock configuration. For reference, the Zen 2 based 3990X (64c/128t) scored around 74,000 points in this test. The ‘5990X’ booster requires a lot of power, and SkatterBencher has noted a peak value of at least 691 watts.

Although it is an early engineering sample, this test has some benefits. When announcing the Pro 5000WX series, AMD confirmed that select WRX80 motherboards will also support CPU and memory overclocking. So it’s entirely possible that the identical Pro model, the 5995WX, could achieve similar performance.

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