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America does not use AstraZeneca: all quantities go abroad, which can lead to jealousy

US President Joe Biden has decided not to vaccinate his countrymen against the Astrogenega vaccine. Many U.S. scientists have said in recent weeks that the United States does not need AstraZeneca for their vaccine campaign.

The United States has announced that it will share the full share of the Astrogeneca vaccine with other countries. Reported three weeks ago Bloomberg 20 million doses (80-90 million in total) have already been manufactured in the United States, which is pending FDA approval from the U.S. Health Authority. According to US officials, 60 million doses will be shipped overseas.

About 10 million doses should be ready in a few weeks if they exceed FDA quality control. “The next 50 million doses should be ready for export by May or June,” a U.S. official said.

America is overwhelmed by vaccines

To justify its conclusion, the Biden administration used the same statement previously made by other scientists. The United States has enough other vaccines to keep the vaccine campaign at a good pace. Therefore, Astrogeneca is not a bad name built in Europe, which leads the country to participate with the company. The European Commission has confirmed it Legal action Move against AstraZeneca.

A strong portfolio of vaccines already licensed in the United States and including two large-scale vaccines and a single-dose vaccine – already available in large quantities – and we do not need to use AstraZeneca in the coming months to use AstraZeneca because it is not licensed in the United States, ”said White House. Spokeswoman Jen Zaki said.

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In response to AstraZeneca, the United States must decide what to do with the quantities it receives.

Is India the number one target?

It is yet to be decided to which countries the United States will send the 60 million doses of the astrogenic vaccine. India represents everything daily More than 300,000 people If affected, will be one of the main beneficiaries.

The Biden government has not yet confirmed the information. On the other hand, he pointed out that he had already contacted Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi Too hellPAnd in combat Local epidemic. The United States will send a number of items (respiratory equipment, therapeutic products – including remedivir -, rapid testing equipment, personal protective equipment) to India, as well as financial assistance and raw materials to help the country accelerate vaccine production. As some parts of India are struggling with oxygen deficiencies, there is also talk of exporting oxygen production methods.

“The aid program for India reflects Biden’s hope that the epidemic will not end if the United States does not provide assistance to other countries,” a senior administration official said.

Bloomberg says if the US sends vaccines to India, neighboring countries could act harshly. Canada and Mexico have been suspending vaccination campaigns, asking the United States to send vaccines for several, many weeks. With the exception of the 4.2 million vaccines previously sent by AstraZeneca – the only Govt-19 vaccine that the United States has so far agreed to drop – both countries have consistently received denials.

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