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US blocks Iranian news sites: ‘This website has been confiscated …

The U.S. Justice Department has blocked and controlled more than 30 websites of the Iranian state media. This is clear from reports published on Tuesday on English and Arabic language websites. Washington’s sources point out that this is aimed at curbing the spread of misinformation.

These are news organizations controlled by the Iranian government Press the TV Ann Al-Alam, As Al-Masira, Yemen Houth This TV Channel. Iran’s state television channel IRIP has reported the acquisition of a channel targeting Palestinians and an Arab religion and cultural channel.

The websites are reportedly “seized by the US government”. The U.S. Police Service cites U.S. sanctions, including the FBI and the U.S. Commerce Department.


U.S. prosecutors last year seized websites allegedly used by the Iranian Revolutionary Guards to spread false information targeting visitors outside Iran.

The move is largely a step forward with Iranian negotiators with key powers in Vienna over the nuclear deal, which has been hanging in the balance since the US unilaterally withdrew from the deal under Donald Trump in 2018.

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