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American footballers implement equal pay: ‘a big win’

American footballers implement equal pay: ‘a big win’

No longer will American footballers receive the same amount as players on the national men’s team. The National Football Association said on Tuesday that the agreement had been reached after a long-running struggle for equal pay for women’s football in the United States.

In that statement, US Soccer declares that the long struggle for equal pay is over. The U.S. women’s team will receive a further $ 24 million (மில்லியன் 21 million) to make up for lost revenue over the past few years.

Led by star player Megan Robino, Team USA At the conference with the American Football Federation. After years of legal battle, the two sides have reached an agreement. We are pleased to announce that the dispute is resolved and that we can work together for equality in football. Report

“Football players have had unprecedented success as they strive for equal pay for themselves and the next generation. This is their merit. ‘Now 36, Robinho is happy for the new generation.”

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