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The rock band The Rosmus, named for ‘In the Shadows’, wants to go to the Eurovision Song Contest for Finland.

Fans of the Eurovision Song Contest can find the well-known name on stage in Turin in May. The rock band The Rosmus, a monster hit almost twenty years ago In the shadowsThere is a good chance he will be allowed to compete for Finland.

Within three months of the start of the Eurovision Song Contest, many countries are announcing their entries. Sometimes it’s about a locally selected artist. The latter is already the case, for example, in Italy and Latvia, and soon in Finland.

Finland has already selected the project for the eleventh year following its entry into the Eurovision Song Contest in 2022. Uuden Music Kilpailu (This indicates Competition for new music) General broadcaster Yle. In the last ten years, it has reached four finals in the Eurovision Song Contest. The sixth location of the latter hardcore or metal band blind channel Dark sideAt Rotterdam last year, it was a temporary high point.

In the shadows

For this year’s edition, there was more interest in Finland. Omroep Yle received no less than 312 entries, from which an eight-member panel of expert arbitrators selected seven finalists. Those finalists are classics almost unknown to us. There is one name that many still know. The rock band Rosmus is taking advantage of this opportunity Uuden Music Kilpailu ⁇UMK⁇

The Finnish band has been active since 1994 and gained international fame in 2003 with the Monster hit In the shadowsThe song topped the charts in Germany, Hungary and New Zealand, as well as in other countries. In Flanders, the highest quote Ultra Top 50 Sixth place. Although The Rasmus could not repeat that success, the band was always active and released several albums.

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Top favorite

Singer-songwriter Lauri Ylönen is now 42 years old, but has no plans to slow down yet. He hopes to recapture Europe through the Eurovision song contest, this time through the song JezebelFor that, The Rosmus must first win the national opening round on Saturday, February 26th. 75% of the final results are decided by televoting and 25% by the International Arbitration Tribunal.

If we trust the bookmakers, nothing seems to stand in the way of Rasmus’ success. They did not give less to the group 61 percent chance UMK To winSinger Larry Yalonen will not allow himself to be distracted as the host of his ex-wife Paula Vesala during his show. Uuden Music Kilpailu⁇