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American policeman fires after spraying black soldier with p …

American policeman fires after spraying black soldier with p …

A police officer has been fired in the US state of Virginia, in which he and a comrade sprayed a black soldier in the face with pepper spray.

In Virginia, Lt. Caron Nazario was dragged away with his car because the vehicle did not have a valid insurance certificate. According to police officials, the soldier did not follow their instructions properly. In the video footage, Karon Nazario repeatedly asks the authorities what he did wrong. “This is ridiculous,” Nazario says as officers point a gun at him and ask him to get out of his car. “It doesn’t matter how you treat a senior,” Nazario says.

Not only is he sprayed in the face with pepper spray, but the officer is brutally knocked to the ground and placed at gunpoint by an officer who threatens to kill him.

In a response, Virginia Governor Ralph Northam says there is “anxiety and anger” over the images. In a statement, Nordham says he has ordered police to conduct an “independent investigation”. “We need to make sure Virginia residents are safe during police interventions and that law enforcement is fair and equitable,” Nordham said.

The incident took place on December 5 last year, but footage from officers’ body games spread across the internet after Nazario filed a lawsuit last week. The soldier is demanding $ 1 million (approximately 840,000 euros) in compensation.

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