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The Cabinet inquires into paid leave after childbirth or miscarriage

The Cabinet is examining whether those who have to deal with miscarriage or the unborn child will get a few days paid leave. Outgoing Minister Coolmees told the House today.

Cronlinks and SGP believe such a plan should be introduced. Last month, New Zealand passed a law granting couples the right to three days’ paid leave after a miscarriage or childbirth. SGP and Cronlinks also want a similar program in our country.

Earlier, the cabinet said it was looking at a leave program. That research is now looking at whether something can be arranged for those affected by miscarriage or childbirth.


Cronlinks MP Madok believes it is important for the cabinet to do all it can to draw more attention to the matter. “People who experience this often do not dare to discuss it.”

SFP MP Staffer talks about a “massive impact” when a pregnancy ends unexpectedly in a miscarriage or stillbirth. According to the MP, it is understandable that you cannot come to work immediately during such a serious event.

Outgoing Minister Coolmees told the House today that the investigation will begin soon and results are expected by the end of this year.

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