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American university full of money in the mysterious box

City College in New York. © Shutterstock

An American university has received a mysterious box containing $ 180,000 (160,000 euros) in cash. Anonymous lender sent money to the Faculty of Physics at City College, New York, writes The New York Times. It was designed for sick students, but could not be used immediately as its evidence was unclear.

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The box was sent to the editorial board in November last year. He finally opened it nine months later and found the package filled with $ 50 and $ 100 bills. The sender wrote in a letter that he or she had studied at university and now had a “long and productive” life in science.

The university often receives large donations, but not in the form of boxes filled with money. The company contacted officials to keep the money safe. They concluded that the money came from several banks in the state of Maryland. It seems to have nothing to do with crime. The sender could not be found.

“Overconfidence in the system”

The university decided this month to formally accept the award. The money is used for scholarships for students. Dr. Vinod Menon, the head of the physics department, is still amazed that a heavy box full of money has been sitting in the post office for months. “And it was sent by post. This person has great faith in the organization.