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‘Patagonia is a great adventure’ | Life

Better memory

“Mountain gorillas in Uganda. It was cool and amazing to play with a group of ten gorillas seven meters away. Silverback sat behind his family and watched things. The young man of about seven months was joking around with his brother and mother. We were allowed to see them for an hour.


“Walking with irons under your shoes at Perito Moreno in Argentina, the second largest glacier in the world. At the end of the voyage we roasted with whiskey and ice from that glacier! The tour in Patagonia was a great adventure. Fall down.Hill trekking, boat rides and the most beautiful sky.

Long distance travel

“We toured New Zealand for four weeks. We saw dolphins jumping and admiring the waterfalls, trees 50 to 80 meters away. Rotorua on the North Island is magical with its fog and colored pools. You take sulfur odor normally. The five day trek to the South Island of Milford Track was an unforgettable experience. You walk among dozens of shades of green, moss and fern.


“In Africa, we disturbed two leopards during mating in Africa. The male almost flew into the window of our safari van. In Kenya, we were attacked by baboons during an outdoor lunch. They packed a lot of lunch, but thankfully we didn’t.

With you forever

“A good book and always a camera. This is how we photographed a herd of wild llamas traveling in the Andes.”


“Do something unexpected. We flew by helicopter from South Island to Stewart Island for a day trip to New Zealand. Never had a device like this before, but it’s so beautiful. Like an island ”

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“Do not be blinded by long journeys. It would also be nice to be closer to home. This year we walked with Moselle. Climb 300 meters daily from a village, then: What a view of the vineyards and the river! German hospitality is excellent.

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