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American woman receives death threats against Kamala Harris | Abroad

A woman from the United States has received death threats from Vice President Kamala Harris. Reports suggest this is clear from a criminal complaint filed in a U.S. court in the state of Florida CNN.

This is Nivian Petit Phelps, who lives in Miami. The complaint to Phelps reads: “Nivian Petit Phelps deliberately and deliberately threatened to kill and physically harm the Vice President of the United States.”

In early March, a special agent was notified that Harris had been murdered. Phelps sent the threats through photos and videos to her husband, who is being held in a Florida jail. In those photos and videos, Phelps made it clear that he hated President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris only after Biden won the US presidential election.

Death threats

In one video, Phelps hears death threats to Harris. The woman says that Kamala Harris will die. “Your days are already numbered. I swear I’m going to kill you. Fifty days from now, mark this day, ”Phelps says in the video.

On March 6, after a secret service agent denied the request three days earlier, he went to the woman’s home to talk to her. In that conversation, Phelps reportedly said that he was angry that Kamala Harris was vice president after the presidential election in the United States. In the conversation, Phelps said it was “over” now.

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