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When was it after we fell on Netflix? Cast, release date and everything you need to know

After We Fell is the third installment of the popular “poster” franchise based on the third novel of the same name in Anna Todd’s After series of novels. Voltage Pictures officially dropped the trailer after 3pm yesterday, and release dates have also been announced with an official announcement.

While V Fell is expected to hit most countries in September this year, the film will hit Netflix after its theatrical release. The next part of this article will share all the details about the sequel that will come after our conflict.

After we fall: official trailer, release date, OTT release and more

Official announcement

The producers released the official one-minute teaser, After We Fell, in February of this year’s Valentine’s Day. After that, nothing came out yesterday until Voltage Pictures released the official trailer.

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After we fell for the play?

The film is expected to hit theaters in most countries in September.

  • September 1: Italy and Poland
  • September 2: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Czech Republic, Germany, Denmark, Greece, Croatia, Kazakhstan, Montenegro, Northern Macedonia, Netherlands, Portugal, Serbia, Russia, Slovenia, Slovakia, Ukraine.
  • September 3: Spain, Finland, Norway, Romania, Sweden and South Africa
  • September 9: Australia, New Zealand, Hungary
  • September 10: Canada and Bulgaria
  • October 13: South Korea

V Fell is expected to be released in the United States on September 30, 2021 or early October. In turn, release dates for the UK, France and other Asian countries will be announced later.

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When will we come back after falling on Netflix?

Screenshot of the trailer (Image via Voltage Pictures)
Screenshot of the trailer (Image via Voltage Pictures)

The producers have only released theatrical release dates, and the film is expected to reach Netflix two to three months after its release. So fans of the “Back” series can look forward to the movie in late November or December of this year. However, no official announcement has been made regarding the official release date of the broadcast.

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After 3: Cast and Abbreviation

Josephine Longford Speaks After Tessa Young 3 (Fielding via Voltage Pictures)
Josephine Longford Speaks After Tessa Young 3 (Fielding via Voltage Pictures)

The third film in the series will feature Josephine Longford and hero Fiennes Diffin back in the roles of Tessa Young and Horton Scott. In addition to the main pair, the other characters in After V Fell are played by the following people:

  • Louis Lombard als Trish Daniels
  • Rob Estes to Ken Scott
  • Ariel Kebel als Kimberly (Instead of Ariel Kebel)
  • Opportunity Bertomo als London Gibson (Replacing Shane Paul McKee)
  • Francis Turner as Karen Scott (Westbrook cream alternative)
  • Guyana Wood Als Nora
  • Carter Jenkins als Robert
  • Mira Sorvino Als Carol Young (Replacing Mira Sorvino)
  • Stephen Moyer Christian Vance (Instead of Charlie Weber)

The third film in the post-series is expected to be difficult after revealing some hard facts about the already complicated relationship between Tessa and Horton about Horton’s family.

Visitors are advised to keep napkins with them because he promised a happy emotional roller coaster after we fell. Despite the obstacles, fans will surely believe that Tessa and Hardin will stand together at the end of it all.

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