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Amnesty: Countries misuse corona crisis for greater repression | Abroad

Countries in North Africa and the Middle East are using the corona crisis to further increase repression. But elsewhere, epidemics are increasing inequality with severe consequences for refugees, migrants, prisoners and minorities, the human rights organization Amnesty International says in its most recent annual report.

North Africa and the Middle East have stepped up their attacks on freedom of expression. Egypt and Iran have punished health workers who criticized the Corona policy. Corona apologizes to Israel for not vaccinating 5 million Palestinians in occupied territories The vulnerability of existing guest workers in countries such as Bahrain, Jordan, Kuwait, Qatar and Saudi Arabia is also under further pressure from the epidemic. After being fired, many have no income.

Amnesty said leaders around the world were constantly “exploiting” the crisis to continue its attacks on human rights. Recovery was hampered by the undermining of international cooperation. The organization speaks of a “fainting” by leaders “for our common humanity.”

Amnesty International reports that “there is a terrible legacy of deliberate divisive and destructive policies that perpetuate inequality, discrimination and oppression.” Agnes Calamart, Amnesty International’s new general secretary, said the policies had “devastated Govt-19 worldwide and in the Middle East and North Africa.”