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Dr. Navalny and other protesters were arrested in the penal colony | Now

Alexei Navalny’s doctor, Anastasia Vasilieva, and other doctors from an independent organization have been arrested by Russian police. Supporters protested in front of the entrance to Navalny’s penal colony in Pokரோmon because they wanted more information about his condition.

One of the activist’s lawyers said he had already lost five kilos since the hunger strike began on March 31. Human Rights Organization Amnesty International President Vladimir Putin has called on his main adversary not to die.

Security has been tightened since Tuesday morning in the penal colony east of Moscow, where Navalny is being held. There was a checkpoint in front of the gate of the campus in Pokரோmon. Police also blocked the road with a metal barrier. Parking can only be used by prison staff.

A Russian newspaper previously reported that Navalny had been transferred to a concentration camp hospital. He had a high fever and a bad cough, and three inmates had tuberculosis, which was reported via Instagram. He would have been tested for corona.

Navalny, 44, who drank poison last year, had previously complained of severe back pain and numb legs.

He said an opponent in jail came to show solidarity. “I believe he is innocent and I am totally on his side,” he said. “For some reason, people who can really do something for this country will be imprisoned.”

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