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An American company claims that Huawei was forced to build a back door – Computer – News

There can be a lot of speculation about whether the Statement of Business Efficiency Solutions is true or false. I do not think that without reason, Huawei has been banned for telecommunications devices, as in this is An article from RTL Nieuws can be read.

Whether there is a kernel of truth in it remains speculation. Multiple articles, including this is The article, reports that the US government has found evidence of backdoors in Huawei’s communications equipment. This guide has not been disclosed (yet). Whether they actually have evidence is questionable.

What is amazing, of course, is that the company, Business Efficiency Solutions, is (only) now coming out with these claims. Perhaps this is because they wanted to avoid a lawsuit against Huawei at the time. They had to have hard evidence first if they wanted to win these kinds of lawsuits. If they had started the lawsuit, at the time, they could have closed the company with Huawei as its largest business partner.

It’s possible that they couldn’t prove their “espionage”, so only now, that they were no longer dependent on Hui, did they get out.

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