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Reddit for iOS gets TikTok feed like videos from subreddits – IT Pro – News

But then it puts a core feature of Reddit behind a firewall that prevents that group of users from fully participating in the Reddit community.

This might be true, were it not for the fact that those users who do not want or cannot pay for this feature can simply use this feature via their browser or via the official app. They also want to use this functionality via a better third-party app: they will, but then you just have to pay for it. There is nothing immoral in that at all.

If that’s not nice and frankly unethical thinking, I’d rather see the leftover number of likes/badges/emojis for the official app as a revenue model, at least not leaving anyone out of the discussion.

The majority probably don’t care about this, so the developer will generate little or no income. In addition, with this model, no one is ever excluded from the discussion; Certainly not because the comment function is not behind the paywall… There are also plenty of free ways to create a new post on Reddit; So the developer doesn’t have to give up everything for free.

While you point yourself, there are actually many features in Apollo to impress people.

Most of them are already free. ;) It makes perfect sense for me to put such a job behind a firewall to have at least a higher guarantee that you will continue to receive income. :)

As mentioned earlier, you have chosen not to support or use Apollo for these reasons. Of course everyone should know for themselves.

Of course you can figure it out on your own and have your own feeling about it. I think it’s totally unfair to call the developer an unethical person just because he’s trying to make some bucks out of life times Subscribe to his request and then under the pretext “because some people can’t stand it.” Yeah, sorry then? Then they don’t use it or take the free alternative. :/ Look, I want some too. But if I can’t stand it or if I don’t think it’s worth it, I’m in luck, right? It doesn’t matter how much it is. This also applies to people who can’t afford the app: if so, are you still using one of the alternatives or are you using the app to a limited extent…? And if you don’t want to publish any new posts at all, you don’t even need to pay, if you are just a scam or just a pro/negative vote and comment: the app does everything for you for free and for nothing. ;)

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No, I don’t think it’s immoral at all and I think it’s an unfair accusation.

In my opinion, it would be great if the release could also be published in the free version, or if Apollo would just be a paid app.

oh? So make 90% of the app free and 10% paid == big problem and immoral. But making the app fully paid and ‘less fortunate’ so that it no longer gives the other 90% for free == No problem and totally OK? So no charity is ever better than a little charity. It seems that every little does not help.

Don’t count, sorry. : NS Respect your opinion, but look out for everything short-sighted and contradictory. :)