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An important step towards creating more space on Lelystad's power grid: construction of a new substation begins in September

The Lelystad municipal council has approved the zoning plan for the Larsringweg substation. This zoning plan allows for the construction of a new electrical substation. This represents an important step towards creating more space on the local power grid to connect new businesses, homes and other projects that require electricity.

The construction of the new substation is necessary to reduce the pressure on the existing stations. With the new substation, Lelystad will soon have three substations providing electricity in different areas of Lelystad. The new 150/20 kV high-voltage substation is expected to be commissioned in 2027.

Maximum commitment

Councilor Piet van Dijk: “I am pleased that the process went well and that the council has approved the zoning plan. Liander and TenneT can now apply for the permit, and then construction can begin. We are counting on the best efforts of TenneT and Liander, and as Lelystad we are making Everything we can to support them as best we can.'

Landscape integration

TenneT and Liander developed the landscape integration plan in consultation with the municipality and the province of Flevoland. The basic principle is that the new power plant should fit into the environment as much as possible. This took into account, among others, the Lelystad Nature Park and the open reclaimed landscape.

Planning for the coming period

The final zoning plan will be posted approximately two weeks after the council's decision and will then be available for inspection for six weeks before an appeal is filed. Construction of the new power plant is scheduled to begin in September 2024.

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