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Where is there still room for high voltage substations in your suppliers?

Where is there still room for high voltage substations in your suppliers?

via: Yvonne Vermeulen


Zevenbergen – During a well-attended information evening organized by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate, TenneT and Enexis, residents were able to “think together” in the search for a 20-hectare site. There are 380, 150 and 20 kV stations here. The search area has already been chosen: as close as possible to the port and the industrial area. Clarifications were also provided about other projects.

“Together we will ensure that the lights stay on and that energy can be saved,” explains Ronald Suttmüller of Inxess. “TenneT is actually about the highway of the power grid, the 380kV and 150kV stations. Enexis ensures that you get 220V from the socket at home, and we do that via the 20kV stations. What is also most important is the return of electricity. We are working to ensure “The infrastructure is able to handle this well.”

In Mørdek, 20 hectares are being sought to create the three terminals together, which will accelerate the sustainability of the port and industrial area. It is important that these stations are close to each other, a maximum of 6 kilometers. “In Moerdijk, it's quite confusing, because with a small space and so many projects coming together, the puzzle has to be put together correctly,” explains a TenneT spokesperson. The stations must be connected to the new 380 kV link between Rieland and Gertrudenberg and the stations must provide sufficient space for future connection options.

The Nederwiek 3 wind farm is being constructed in the North Sea, north of Alkmaar. The electricity must reach the shore in a place where a lot of electricity is used. Moerdijk and Geertruidenberg are pictured, but possible routes from the sea to West Brabant are still under investigation. Cables disappear underground or underwater.

The southernmost route passes through Goeree-Overflakkee. After that there are two possible paths. One along the N59 and A29, between Willemstad and Heliwijk towards Klundert. Or via Ooltgensplaat, via Volkerak, on the south side along Helwijk towards Klundert. It is possible to create a northern and southern route through Klundert to the industrial area.

There is also a route via Haringvliet and Hollands Diep where the cables are laid down, this route is sensitive because Haringvliet is a Natura 2000 area. Other options run via Hoeksche Waard and go via Hollandsdiep to Klundert or Moerdijk.

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The municipality is collecting all information about current projects, such as research on geothermal heat, the hydrogen network and the Rhine-Delta corridor From here you can click through to access these projects. Until Thursday, April 25, residents can respond to the notice of intent to participate in high and medium voltage stations, via