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An investigation into allegations of emotional abuse by Boone...

An investigation into allegations of emotional abuse by Boone…

The Flemish government is conducting an investigation after testimonies of possible psychological offences on the women’s national volleyball team. Flemish Sports Minister Ben Waits (N-VA) has commissioned Chief Justice Bart Meganick to examine the complaints.

Freya Albrecht, Helen Russo and Valerie Courtois – three former Yellow Tigers players – testified on Monday night on Canvas. Winner Prize About the psychologically offensive behavior of national coach Gert Vande Brook. He himself responded with “shock” to the accusations and gained the confidence of the Volleyball Federation. The current captain, Ilka Van de Vyver, decided to stop immediately with the national team.

Now it’s up to Bart Meganick to investigate. As an impartial authority, he will consider all allegations, as well as the exact circumstances, according to Sports Minister Ben Waits, who wants to “restore serenity.” Different parties have taken a very clear position. The impartial authority should now try to clarify matters and make recommendations if necessary.

Previously, Meganick – herself a former athlete – headed the panel of experts that investigated cross-border behavior in the world of gymnastics.

Waits calls the Yellow Tigers’ previous allegations “a different order from the testimonies about infringing behavior in the gymnastics world,” and continues, “It doesn’t really matter to minors, but it does stir up a lot of emotion and cause a lot of turmoil. Various parties have taken a very clear stance in the media. There is a danger of a deadlock that will not help anyone.

Meganick has now accepted the assignment.

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