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An Olympian surprised a woman who paid a taxi to the stadium with...

An Olympian surprised a woman who paid a taxi to the stadium with…

It would have been close if Hansley Barchmann, the Olympic champion in the 110-meter hurdles, had not made it to the start in the final. Thanks to a Japanese volunteer who helped him out, he got to the stadium in time. The manuscript shared a video on social media showing how he surprised the young woman with his gold medal.

The Jamaican just announced he got on the wrong bus from Olympic Village on his big day a week ago. This didn’t take him to the athletics field, but rather to the Olympic pool. When Parchman realized this, there wasn’t enough time to turn back and catch the right bus. Barrier decided to take a taxi, and since he had no money in his pocket, he called a Japanese volunteer for help. The young woman, Tiana, shot the Jamaican for money, and the rest is history.

Slavery has not forgotten its savior. The checkpoint visited the young woman a few days later to show her his medal, refund her for the taxi ride, and hand her a shirt. Always be good to each other, advises Jamaica. Tiana, in turn, shared a photo of the Jamaican tracksuit.

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