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American cyclocross racer Katie Compton ends her career after a positive doping test |  cyclocross

American cyclocross racer Katie Compton ends her career after a positive doping test | cyclocross

Compton tested positive for anabolic steroids in September 2020, according to a statement from the US Anti-Doping Agency (USADA). The 42-year-old cyclo-cross rider denied the allegations in a statement.

“I received a letter from USADA in September 2020 that my check was negative for all prohibited substances. This news was communicated to me in the same way as always: via a letter from USADA.”

“I’ve had the same message after every test I’ve taken for the past 19 years. In early February 2021, after returning from a tough racing season, I learned that the same sample from September had been re-analyzed with a violation in biological passports and found positive for an exogenous steroid.”

“This was tragic news for me because I never intentionally or consciously put something like this into my body. I know how fragile women’s hormones are, and I would never choose to eat anything that would put my health at risk.”

“Not only that, I have not taken anything for ethical reasons. I have been a huge believer in clean sport throughout my career and feel that doing anything to enhance one’s natural abilities is wrong.”

“Despite the decision to retire in March, I also felt the need to defend myself and my reputation. I hired a lawyer and did my best to investigate how the substance got into my system, but was unsuccessful. To find that answer.”

“For the past six months, I’ve learned that I can’t prove that I didn’t take anything on purpose, and I can’t afford to keep fighting, knowing that the outcome will be the same no matter what.”

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“When I saw that there were five months between the collection of samples and notification, it turned out to be impossible to know what might have entered my body. I decided to stop fighting a costly and difficult battle and I would be punished.” Acceptance.”

In addition to her American titles, Compton has also won three silvers and a bronze medal at the World Championships. She has won the World Cup twice and won 24 games.