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An overview: Changes in teams at the Olympics

If the jumping roller coaster ride at the Tokyo Olympics makes you dizzy, you are not alone. In the presence of team qualifiers at the Baji Goyan Equestrian Park, there will be no less than 15 alternatives from the 19 countries participating in the Nations Cup.

– As for Argentina, Fabian Sஜgenes is out and Mathias Albaras is coming in

– For Belgium, Niels Bruinsheels leaves and Peter Devos comes in.

– To Brazil, Yuri Mansour left and Pedro Venice came inside

– As for China, you have Zhang out and Yafeng Li coming in

– To the Czech Republic, Kamil Baba ouse leaves the Czech Republic and enters the Ontario Swara

– As for Egypt, Abdel Said is out and Mohammed Talad is inside

– Matthew Billet Simon Telestre also left for France

To Great Britain, Scott Brosch left, his horse was withdrawn, so not introduced, Holly Smith came inside

As for Germany, Christian Cook left and Maurice Debell came in

– As for Ireland, Sean O’Connor left, his horse was excluded, so not introduced, Shane Sweeten came inside

As for Morocco, Ali Ahrach’s horse has left America de Riverland and will be replaced by the Golden Lady.

– For Mexico, Manuel Gonzalez Dufrane is out and Patricia Pascual is coming

For New Zealand, Uma O’Neill is out and Tom Darver-Freebe is inside

To Switzerland, Pete Mandley is out and Brian Palsiger is in