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An overview of cancer studies can now also be found on the website of the Friesland Oncology Network

An overview of cancer studies can now also be found on the website of the Friesland Oncology Network

The Oncology Network of Friesland (ONF) and IKNL are working together to list ongoing studies in Friesland on Here it is possible to select an oncology network such as ONF using a filter and view ongoing studies in this network in one overview. Oncology Network Friesland is the first network to offer the iFrame on its own website.

The policy of good experience and study is one of the main pillars of ONF. DrThe four Friesian hospitals have improved and intensified mutual cooperation through the ONF and see this Each patient should be given the opportunity to participate in the study. An up-to-date overview of the study is important for both healthcare professionals and patients. With this goal in mind, ONF and IKNL will start working on all of them in 2022 Open studies in this area To the map.

Friesland offers the best oncology care from a national (international) perspective, is active in research and innovation and sets the standard when it comes to quality and transparency. This means that the patient in Friesland can rely on care according to the latest science, practice and experience, tailored to his or her individual needs. Transparent information about ongoing studies in Friesian hospitals is part of this. (ONF ambition)

Collaborative Tumor Networks and IKNL

Now that the overview of ongoing studies of the Frisian region on the website is complete, it was also the ONF’s wish to display the studies on its website. This is done using iFrame. An iFrame is a piece of code that can be used to display information from another website. As a result, the management of this information lies entirely in the hands of IKNL. The process works as follows: ONF informs the editorial board of about new studies that are opened in the region and the editorial staff makes sure that they then appear on the website.

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What is

on An overview of intervention research, studies on quality of life and observational studies can be found here. Information from is available via the Application Programming Interface (API) or iFrame to third parties such as tumor networks, patient organizations or scientific societies. This overview of studies can also be found at for patients. This study database is maintained by IKNL. The ability to find information about existing studies speeds up the inclusion process.

more information

Are you also interested in displaying an updated overview of the study of on your website using iFrame? Please contact Kim Hoeijmakers, Product Owner

Register your own studies

Are you a (clinician) researcher and would like to register a study for an overview of the study? Send an email to [email protected] or fill it out Registration Form in.