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Applications for your health |

Applications for your health |


To be healthy, you have to invest: We need to eat healthy, get enough sleep, and exercise regularly, and our mental health deserves attention. Fortunately, with the help of your smartphone, you can be on your way to a healthy lifestyle.

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  1. Yucca. With this application you can scan the barcode of a beauty product. The app then rates that product based on its composition and ingredients with a score out of 100 and a green, orange, or red dot, depending on how healthy the product is. Below the score, you will see a list of ingredients, with each ingredient there is an indication of how beneficial or harmful it is to our health. If you click on an ingredient, you will receive more information about possible adverse effects, irritation or allergies.
  2. Think dirty. I think Dirty has a similar effect to Yuka. The app also rates products based on how healthy they are based on ingredients. Products are given a score out of five in a green, yellow or red box. The ingredients list appears on the product page. The application indicates whether an ingredient is safe or may be harmful to your health. If you click on a component, you will get a clear view with further explanation. The biggest difference in the Yuka app is that in addition to the scanning function, you can also manually search by product or brand name.
  3. Forget it. INCI is an abbreviation for International Cosmetic Ingredients of Nomenclature. In other words, the INCI list lists the standardized names for cosmetic ingredients. This prevents confusion about different terms and prevents allergies. Before the arrival of the INCI list, cosmetics users were often unaware of the composition and ingredients of their products. Many manufacturers use trade names, trade names, chemical names, or generic substance names.
  4. Definitely healthy. An application and website full of healthy recipes based on the nutritional triangle. The app contains more than a thousand recipes, from soups and main dishes to spreads, snacks and children’s desserts. Through the application you can also create a weekly schedule containing recipes adapted to your preferences and the number of people.
  5. Health research. Doctors and scientists launched this application with the aim of easily accessing reliable information and medical advice. In this way, the app provides a balance to the less reliable “Doctor Google” app and can also make the work of general practitioners easier. Via KijkGezond you can read about what you can do yourself, what you should not do and when you should or should not seek help from a doctor. For example, if you, as an expectant mother, hear that there is a disease affecting children at a daycare center, you can easily find out if it could be harmful to you. The app is also automatically updated with the latest information.
  6. Wobot. A chat program in which a robot helps you treat minor psychological complaints such as anxiety, sadness, and stress. Like a digital therapist, Woebot asks you how you’re doing and gives you good personal advice. The app aims to help you talk about your feelings in an accessible way. Woebot also indicates when it’s best to talk to a real psychologist.
  7. doctor The Doktr application is an electronic platform that allows medical consultations through video calls, allowing users to consult a doctor without having to make an appointment.
  8. sleep. Do you sleep restlessly or find it difficult to sleep? With the Sleep app you can improve your sleep habits. Via the questionnaire, you can give the app an idea of ​​what type of sleeper you are. You will then receive assistance in the form of your own tailored program. You will then be trained using specific videos and exercises.
  9. Deep relaxation house. A relaxation app that guides you to a better night’s sleep through guided meditation, breathing exercises, or sleep yoga sessions.
  10. flow. With f.lux you can reduce blue light when you’re on your mobile phone or computer in the evening, so you can sleep more easily afterwards.
  11. stand up. This is an app that reminds you not to sit for too long. In the app, you can track when you are sitting still and when you are moving. Then you will receive feedback about this and perhaps advice on how to change it.
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Last updated: December 2023

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