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Anderlecht are bringing things to a head with an expensive transfer

Anderlecht are bringing things to a head with an expensive transfer

After a difficult start to the season, Luis Vazquez appears to finally be thriving at Anderlecht. His performances in the last two matches against KAS Eupen and KV Mechelen, where he was decisive with a goal and an assist respectively, brought great satisfaction to the club.

Anderlecht paid 4.5 million euros last summer, an amount that made the Argentine the second most expensive purchase in the previous transfer period. Although Vazquez is not yet a real rival to regular striker Kasper Dolberg, his development can be described as promising.

The biggest problem facing Vazquez, who barely speaks English, is the difficulty of communicating with his teammates and technical staff. Anderlecht wants to speed up the striker’s integration process by intensifying English language lessons, while he receives help from an Argentine supervisor, and is assisted by Abdo Sissojo, Anderlecht’s “player welfare manager.”

“Wooden Boy” with a population of 4.5 million

There is a lot of competition within the Anderlecht squad, but everyone knows his place in the central attacking line. The hierarchy at the central striker position is quite clear. Kasper Dolberg is the number one player to beat, and the Dane has already scored five goals and is currently the most efficient striker in the Jupiler Pro League.

Luis Vazquez will assume the role of substitute in Dolberg’s lineup this season, as both attacking players are not scheduled to be involved at the same time. Brian Rimmer and Jesper Friedberg are determined to maintain the 4-3-3 formation and the duo are unwilling to deviate from it.

Although Vazquez is fully fit, the summer transfer deal involving 4.5 million players has major integration problems in Brussels. The Argentine does not yet understand all the terminology and has to get used to the system at Anderlecht. “During my time in Copenhagen we welcomed many players from South America. It takes time to adjust them,” said Remer.

In his first matches with RSCA, Vázquez made a disappointing impression. “Vasquez is not in good condition,” Alexander Teklak said. The last hour. Vazquez is a clumsy player and not a football-playing striker. His game looks wooden and he has already missed several big chances this season.

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Vazquez (partially) eliminates major doubts

Luis Vazquez has not been convincing in his first days at Anderlecht, and it is clear that the Argentine is not yet ready to take on the role of No. 9. Vazquez has made numerous appearances as a substitute for Sporting, but has failed each time to make a good impression.

In the match against Antwerp, he appeared in a negative way by losing the ball a lot, and against Club Brugge, coach Remer indicated that he should have positioned himself better. “If Vasquez plays, I also want him to be in the penalty area more than against Club Brugge. He wasn’t present enough in the last 10 minutes.”

When Kasper Dolberg was injured during the match against Club Brugge, there was speculation that Benito Raman would be favored over Vazquez in the next match against AS Eupen.

Ultimately, Vazquez earned his first place in the starting lineup this season, and continues to perform well, much to the relief of him and the entire club.

Vázquez scored one goal on his debut, and although his second goal was officially scored by Rune Baeshuys, coach Reimer was clearly convinced: “For me, Luis scored two goals.”

Vazquez is finally starting to flourish at Anderlecht

Luis Vazquez showed his qualities in the match against Cas Aubin, where he successfully fulfilled his role as a striker and central player. This performance helped him put his difficult start to the season behind him.

Although he still suffered from losing the ball at times due to his unorthodox playing style, he was a valuable and grateful point of contact for goalkeeper Kasper Schmeichel’s long balls. “A quality that not many strikers have,” he wrote. The newspaper.

Vasquez combined his tremendous commitment with quality for the first time. Since then, there has been an improvement in the physically imposing striker, who thrives by bringing more energy to duels and pressing, although this is not yet enough to really compete with Kasper Dolberg.

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Vazquez is the type of player who needs a lot of match rhythm to perform well, but this is difficult because he is mainly used as a substitute. Both the striker and the team must also coordinate better with each other.

Alexander Teklak noted in his statements: “Vazquez certainly has qualities as a focal point, but he can provide a better performance.” The last hour. “He doesn’t have the explosiveness of a fast player. The role of super sub, ‘game changer’, doesn’t really suit him given his profile. He needs his fellow players as much as they need him. Vazquez relies on crosses.”

Anderlecht wants to speed up the integration process

The biggest problem Luis Vazquez faces at Anderlecht is the difficulty of communicating with his teammates and technical staff. He only speaks a few words of English and only a few of his teammates speak Spanish.

For example, Colin Cosmans served as an interpreter to translate Brian Rimmer’s instructions into Spanish before Vazquez participated against KVC Westerlo. Luis Patrese even said: “We speak mainly with gestures.” “But if you can play football and score, you shouldn’t talk too much,” Anders Dreyer emphasized.

For Vázquez, his time at Anderlecht represents his first experience abroad, on a new continent and without his family present. He is assisted by Abdou Sessokho, Anderlecht’s player welfare director, and is also assisted by an Argentine supervisor.

Vasquez also takes English lessons with Nelson Angulo. “We have condensed the lessons to speed up the process,” Reimer said. “Having difficulty with English does not help him. At the same time, it is a learning process for everyone and it takes a long time.