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Olympic skating champion Bart Swings will receive the National Sports Merit Trophy this year Other news

Skier and snowboard coach Bart Swings (32) is the winner of the 95th edition of the National Sports Merit Cup. The European, World and Olympic mass start champion was chosen by the jury, which traditionally deliberated this morning in Brussels City Hall. An athlete can only get the trophy once in his career.

Bart Swings has been among the best skateboarders in the world for years. Last year, his achievement was crowned with an Olympic gold medal in the mass start in Beijing. This was our country’s second gold medal at the Winter Games, the previous one being in figure skating in 1948.

A few weeks after his Olympic gold medal, Swings won his second bronze medal at the World All-Around Championships. This year he managed to consolidate all titles in the mass start: the Olympic champion was also the best at the European Championships and World Championships.

He became the overall winner of the World Cup mass start for the fifth time and took the bronze medal at the World Championships over 5,000 metres.

In addition, this year he won 6 medals at the World Figure Skating Championships in Italy, including 4 gold. In total, the Swings figure skating coach has already won the World Cup gold medal 20 times.

“It’s pretty impressive that I’m on that list.”

Swings is more than satisfied with the election: “I think it’s pretty impressive to be on that list. How can I put it? I think it’s a nice reward for my final years and my trophies. I’m definitely proud of it. The trophy gets a nice place.”

The news came as a surprise. He repeated: “I wasn’t interested in that at all. I thought last season was the best ever.”

Meanwhile, he is fully preparing for the new season at Heerenveen. He added: “We will have our first World Cup at the beginning of November. My motivation continues to grow thanks to the good performances.”

He is not thinking of quitting at all. “The 2026 Olympics will definitely be a goal. I’ve also renewed my contract with my team. I want to keep improving and I’m looking forward to this winter. I want to keep improving in the 5,000 metres.”

“OS 2026 will definitely be a target”

Bart cringes

Special jury

Since 1928, the National Sports Merit Trophy has been awarded to an athlete or sports team that has performed particularly well in the past year.

A jury composed of former champions such as Eddy Merckx, Paul van Himst, Ingrid Bergmans, Jean-Michel Saif, sports leaders and journalists headed by the Mayor of Brussels, chooses the winner each year.

Swings is the successor to the Remco Evenepoel.

National Sports Merit Cup:

1928 – Louis Croy and Victor Gronin (air sports)
1929 – Georges Ronse (bicycles).
1930 – Hyacinti Rosen (wrestling)
1931 – René Millhoux and Jules Tacchini (motorsport)
1933 – Joseph Sheerens (cycling).
1934 – Union Saint-Gillis (football)
1935 – Count Arnold de Luz Corsoareme (air sports)
1936 – Ernst Demuyter (balloon)
1937 – Joseph Mostert (athletics)
1938 – Hubert Carton de Wiart (car racing)
1939 – Commander Henri de Montin de Horn (Knight).
1940 – Fernande Carwin (swimming)
1941 – Jean Guillini (swimmer)
1942 – Paul Brickman (athletics)
1943 – Prince Albert de Ligny (General)
1944 – Not awarded
1946 – Gaston Reif (athletics)
1947 – Micheline Lanois and Pierre Pugnit (figure skating)
1948 – Etienne Gilly (athletics)
1949 – Vero Moulin (swimming)
1950 – Break Shooty (bicycles).
1951 – Johnny Claeys and Jacques Ickx (Motorsport)
1952 – Andre Noël (cycling)
1953 – Crew of the yacht Omo
1954 – Dolph Verschueren (cycling).
1955 – Roger Mowins (athletics)
1956 – Gilbert Tyrion (motorsport)
1957 – Jackie Brechant and Philip Washer (tennis)
1958 – Rene Payten (motocross)
1959 – National Hockey Team
1960 – Flory Van Donk (golfer)
1961 – Rick Van Looy (cycling).
1962 – Gaston Roelantes (athletics)
1963 – Uriel Vandendreich (Athletics)
1964 – Joel Robert (motocross)
1965 – First Fighter Wing (Air Sports)
1966 – Raymond Solemans (billiards)
1967 – Ferdinand Braque and Eddy Merckx (cycling).
1968 – Jacky Ickx (motorsport)
1969 – Serge Reding (weightlifting)
1970 – Freddy Herbrand (athletics)
1971 – Emile Putemans (Athletics)
1972 – Karel Lesmont (Athletics)
1973 – Roger De Coster (motocross)
1974 – Paul van Himst (football player)
1975 – Jean-Pierre Burney (kayak)
1976 – Ivo Van Dam (Athletics)
1977 – Gaston Rahier (motocross)
1978 – Dutch club Anderlecht (football)
1979 – Robert van de Waals (Godot)
1980 – Red Devils (football)
1981 – Annie Lambrechts (figure skating)
1982 – Ingrid Bergmans (Judo)
1983 – Eddie Annis (Athletics)
1984 – Andre Malerbe (motocross)
1985 – Not awarded
1986 – William Van Dijk (Athletics)
1987 – Ingrid Limperauer (swimmer)
1988 – Eric Gebors (motocross)
1989 – Michel Prudhomme (football player).
1990 – Jan Siolemans (football)
1991 – Jean-Michel Saife (table tennis)
1992 – Anneliese Bredael (rowing)
1993 – Vincent Russo (Athletics)
1994 – Brigitte Picot (swimmer)
1995 – Frederik Deburggriff (swimming)
1996 – Johan Museu (cycling).
1997 – Luke van Laerde (triathlon)
1998 – Ola Werbroek (Judo)
1999 – Gila Vandecavi (Judo)
2000 – Joel Smits (motocross)
2001 – Kim Clijsters and Justine Henin (tennis)
2002 – Marc Wilmots (football)
2003 – Stefan Everts (Motocross)
2004 – Axel Merckx (cycling)
2005 – Tom Boonen (cycling)
2006 – Kim Gephart and Tia Helibut (athletics)
2007 – Women’s 4 x 100 m relay team (Athletics/Kim Geffert, Olivia Borlé, Hanna Marin, Elodie Ouedraogo)
2008 – Not awarded
2009 – Philippe Gilbert (cycling)
2010 – Philippe Lejeune (equestrian and show jumping)
2011 – Kevin Burleigh (Athletics)
2012 – Evie Van Acker (sailing)
2013 – Frederik van Lierde (triathlon)
2014 – Daniel van Buyten (football)
2015 – Men’s 4 x 400 m relay team (Athletics)
2016 – Nafissatou Thiam (Athletics)
2017 – David Goffin (tennis)
2018 – Nina Druel (gymnastics)
2019 – Red Lions (hockey)
2020 – Wout Fan Art (cycling/cyclocross)
2021 – Bashir Abdi (Athletics)
2022 – Remco Evenepoel (cycling)
2023 – Bart Swing (skating)

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