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Anderlecht fails the last test before the start of the competition: Ajax are very strong in the party |  Jupiler Pro League

Anderlecht fails the last test before the start of the competition: Ajax are very strong in the party | Jupiler Pro League

AnderlechtNot a good rehearsal for Anderlecht. She lost her festive match against Ajax, the Dutch champion, 0-2. The Purple & White played well, but did not create any danger. With the exception of a few absentees, Anderlecht played for the type team that faces the Federation next week.

Despite the defeat, Lotto Park had a 90-minute party. For the first time since mid-September, Anderlecht has been allowed to open its stadium to the public again. About 8,000 fans attended RSCA’s last test before the competition began: a festive match against Ajax. Record champion in the Netherlands, regular customer in the Champions League. It can be considered opposition.

Anderlecht joined the new 4-2-2-2 formation, with Amozo and Verschearn the deepest players, Ait El Hadj and Ashemiro roaming right behind them. At the back, Debast and Houdet formed the central duo, and in principle, he will face Dutchman Harwood-Bellis or Delcroix alongside him next week. Young Mohsatou was the right-back who was waiting for Morello to return.

Wesley Hoodt is the undisputed leader in defence. © Photo News

Anderlecht started in good spirits, but caught a cold eight minutes later. Haller was allowed to easily head into goal from close range. People from Brussels were fine in the first half. Only… depth and purpose were missing. The fast man Amuzu was sought after several times, although it never led to danger. Once sixteen approached, things went wrong for Anderlecht. It is only to remedy this deficiency that attracted Raman and there is still a powerful and meticulous attacker on his wish list.

After the break, Purple & White succeeded (once) for what they had been looking for throughout the first half: a goal hazard. Ashimiro sent Amozu towards goal, but Cesc failed to counter the offside with goalkeeper Pasphere. It could – and really should – have been the equivalent. Because after a few minutes, Haller signed the double lead with his second. Leaving striker Van Cromburg alone around the penalty spot, he had no chance.

Amozu failed head-on with Psphere.

Amozu failed head-on with Psphere. © Photo News

Even with the contribution of Rafailov’s Golden Boot – which received a muted applause – and target striker Kiese Thelin, little has changed in the game’s image. Anderlecht searched, but hardly found: Ait El-Hajj kicked in front again. Ajax let her take her course and tried every now and then to prick the meter. There was no more scoring.

To say that the RSCA will go into the start of the competition after tonight with doubts would be an exaggeration. The foundation of the team is in place, the ball moves very smoothly, and Ajax, of course, is a strong opponent as well. Currently the only team that lacks depth and the ability to score. To Benito Raman and future striker for making it work.

Anderlecht: Van Crombrog, Mahsato, Debast, Howedt, Gomez, Kana, Colin, Ashimero (60′ Rafaeloff), Ait El Hajj, Verchato, Amozu (60 Thelin)

Objectives: 8′ Haller (0-1), 54′ Haller (0-2)

Lyor Rafailov's Golden Boot debuted at Lotto Park.

Lyor Rafailov’s Golden Boot debuted at Lotto Park. © BELGA

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